We are specialised in moulding and over-moulding, including metal inserts and pins. Matic 2 gives great importance to the quality of its products, of the technical parts, but also taking care of their aestethics

We cooperate with our clients throughout the whole enginering process starting from product idea to prototype, from preliminary studies to the mould.

Our technical department takes care of the planning and the realisation of new moulds and auxiliary equippings, to fully automate production processes.

Our customers are international leaders of automotive, electrical, electronic and electrotechnical industries



  • n° 7 Vertical injection with rotary or side moving table machines from 40 to 60 T, for moulding with inserts.
  • n° 12 Arburg horizontal injection machines from 35 to 250 T.


  • n° 4 Compression and transfer vertical machines of 130 T
  • n° 2 Automatic horizontal injection and transfer machines of 160 T for thermosets.
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